Imran Khan Visit to USA is Set On July 22

PM Imran Khan’s First Official Visit to USA is Set On July 22


Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr. Mohammad Faisal confirmed that Imran Khan is going to visit United States President Donald Trump on Thursday 22, 2019.

Another important thing to note is President Donald Trump invited Khan for June 2019 visist but due to the budget session, it was postponed.

Now the budget sessions are almost finished and IMF also announced the bailout package Mr. Imran Khan planned to visit USA for better economic relations.

It is also time to analyse how does he face US lobby? How does Imran Khan presents Pakistan’s point of view to Trump? How does he defend the stance of Pakistan on terrorism? Khan has been criticizing the PML N government on this isse but he is getting a chance to prove his “big claims” there.

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