Imran Khan tribute to the people of Pakistan

PM Imran Khan’s tribute to the people of Pakistan


Since the day, Imran khan has taken the oath as Prime Minister of Pakistan, has always done his best to serve his people. I have never seen a PM like Imran Khan who is all the way concerned for the welfare of his country and people and that is the reason that he is getting popular among other countries too. People are loving him for his humbleness and his leadership qualities. His opponents are praising him as well.It is because of the love that on his request people from all the cities are donating funds for the dams’ construction.

On Tuesday, PM Imran Khan has paid a tribute to the kindliness and generosity of the people of Pakistan in terms of donating funds on his appeal for the construction of dams.
His latest tweet on Twitter has shown up the amount collected for the dams that are over 10 billion. He wrote, “I would like to pay tribute to the generosity of the people of Pakistan for raising Rs 10 billion for the Dams’ Fund,” he wrote.

I believe that under Imran Khan’s leadership, Pakistan will definitely get the right direction.


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