PM Imran leaves for Malaysia today

PM Imran leaves for Malaysia today


Islamabad: Adviser to PM on Commerce, Textile, Industries and Production and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood has stated that PM will pay a special visit to Malaysia today.

PM Imran leaves for Malaysia today

During his visit matters regarding the mutual planning, economic cooperation and investment fields like tourism, communication and engineering goods will be discussed at length.

He also explained that the Pakistan Premier will be accompanied by a high-level delegation that includes cabinet members and senior officials.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan’s diplomatic efforts had played an important role in reducing tension in the Middle East following the recent US-Iran conflict.

While referring to the previous tensions between the US and Iran, the premier said that Pakistan played a vital role in defusing these tensions between the two countries.

Turkish Anadolu Agency on Saturday

During an interview with a Turkish Anadolu Agency on Saturday, PM Imran Khan stated that,

“After the missile attack in Saudi Arabia on the oil facility, Pakistan played its part. We spoke to Saudi Arabia, we went to Iran, spoke to the US last September and October. And actually, we feel we played our part bringing down tensions. But of course, you know, there has to be some more for a permanent solution. At the moment, things are still tense. But for the time, I feel that we have averted war.”

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