PM Imran urges nation to act responsibly after COVID-19 cases surge in the country


Islamabad: On Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan has advised the nation to act responsibly after COVID-19 cases surge across the country.

According to the sources, the total number of positive coronavirus cases has raised to 237 across the country.

In his recent address, PM Imran Khan has urged his nation to avoid large gatherings amid coronavirus fears.

While reflecting upon this novel virus, PM mentioned that the biggest countries in the world are fighting battles against this virus. Though they have better health facilities, still they were unable to manage the situation and could not halt the spread of coronavirus.

The premier said, “The virus will spread in the country as the countries with better facilities than us could not stop it.”

PM Imran Khan further told the nation that the Government of Balochistan and the Pakistan Army are making efforts to ensure the safety of the public and to scan people coming from Taftan.

PM further declared that he can’t close the entire system of the country as our economy is already weak.

He stated, “Our economic situation is very fragile. If we close down the country, what will happen to the poor? People will die of hunger here.”

He said, “Nearly all the industries across the world are collapsing, Pakistan will also have to face severe problems.”

Furthermore, he urged the nation to not get panic and behave responsibly towards COVID-19. All the precautionary measures must be taken by each individual.

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