PM Khan Proposes SCO Influentials to Discard US Dollar for Trading


BISHKEK – At the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) 19th Council meeting, held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Imran Khan the Pakistani Prime Minister had proposed that the US dollar should be discarded for trading.

He urged the SCO’s member states to finalize an agreement to allow trading in local currencies.

PM Khan also emphasized the necessity to set up a SCO Fund & Development Bank, determining the cross regional development agenda.

He presented his multilateral plan of action. PM Khan stated that the SCO needed to intensify its vision of collaboration which declines confrontation and enhance the essentials of a peaceful coexistence both regionally and internationally.

PM Khan stressed that the ‘Shanghai Spirit’ should be stimulated, reinforcing the SCO’s fundamental mandate of reducing the risks of fostering confidence, conflict and the promotion of stability.

The premier stated that the member states have to synergize the different connectivity activities throughout the region, whilst working on supplementary infrastructure connectivity via soft connectivity.

PM Khan also suggested that SCO tourism & culture corridors should be established, which will cluster the numerous SCO destinations to form a single package.

The premier put emphasis on transforming the SCO so that it could be more applicable to the citizens’ daily lives.

He suggested the enhancement of cooperation in the humanitarian & health sectors as well as promoting food security.

PM Khan said that the SCO should adopt the leading role to establish an extensive framework to combat both white collar crime & corruption.

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