Modi wanted to use Indian Army win election

‘PM Modi wanted to use Indian Army to win the election’


Islamabad: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) devoted Senator Rehman Malik has announced that the entire Indian nation is aware of the fact that their premier Narendra Modi has used Indian Army for his own sake, in order to win elections.

He took to his twitter handle stating that, “PM Modi wanted to engineer a Bollywood like the drama of war and he was making his video clips in Rajasthan while his operators were implementing Pulwama.” ”What was he (Modi) filming there?” He questioned.


He has also tweeting earlier, “It is my assessment that PM Modi cannot politically afford to attack Pakistan now or any misadventure after my disclosures in “Modi’s War Doctrine” stood fully exposed and his conspiracy to use anti-Pakistan mind set/RSS/Indian Army in election is now known to the Indian public.”

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