PMLN Vs PTI Maryam Nawaz tweeted

PML(N) Vs. PTI: Maryam Nawaz tweeted


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PMLN) leader Maryam Nawaz has once again taken to her twitter handle and posted some Masaladar video against the PTI government. She has declared the new government as a failure who is unable to make proper policies and not having skills of good governance.

She has tweeted a video on Thursday, which was captioned, “Yad Tou Ati Ho g, Dil dukhati ho g”. The video depicts the good governance of the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his true leadership.

Throughout the video, we have witnessed the current economic challenges. The video carried the difference of performance between the former and the current government in Pakistan. It highlighted all the well-beings and achievements of PML (N) era while in the later part we have been introduced with some negatively-endorsed news pieces of the PTI government.


I am not siding with PTi, however, their policies are actually making some sense as compared with the previous government. It’s pathetic how we see the good in ourselves and evil in others. Maryam Nawaz’s tweet has shown it completely.

Her tweet gets a mix response from the masses, some have just appreciated the video and of course, they were the N League supporters. While others have just condemned it, the PTI supporters.

The point to ponder is that every government has its drawbacks, but the one who is true to its nation and country is the real hero, the real leader. And we have to differentiate between it rather than blindly following our favorite ones.


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