Presenting the importance of U-turns: Imran Khan


Swabi: Prime Minister Imran Khan was given the honor of speaking at the inauguration of a new academic block at the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) of Engineering Science and Technology in Topi on Monday.

While discussing several issues which are going on in our country he has also informed the audience how people usually accused him of taking so many U-turns. He also declared that he has become PM after taking U-turns.

“I make compromises for achieving my goals, rather than compromising on my goals.”

He mentioned that he would never compromise the peace of his country. He would not spare the looters of his country. He has burnt all the bridges of reconciliation.

“The opponents are raising hue and cry so that I give them NRO. This is simply out of question.”

He has addressed the under-graduate students and advised them to always express love and devotion to their homeland. He asked them to work hard as they are the future builders of the country.

“Expect challenges surfacing in your life, but never let your inner-fear overcome you and distract you from your dreams.”

He further stresses that two chapters from our Islamic History should be thoroughly studied. While speaking this he mentioned our Prophet’s (PBUH) victory against infidels in the Battle of Badar in AD 625 with only 313 men, and then the way he has defeated the Roman and Persian Empires in AD 636 and AD 638.

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