President Alvi addresses Joint Parliamentary Session


Islamabad: Pakistan President Dr. Arif Alvi has addressed a joint session of the parliament in Islamabad here on Thursday.

All the prominent political personalities were present at the joint parliamentary session held in Islamabad.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and the chiefs of the navy and air force, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee have also attended the session.

Moreover, some prominent opposition leaders were also in attendance.

During his speech, President Arif Alvi stresses the difficulties faced by the people living in the occupied region in India. He explained the Indian troops’ brutalities over the innocent people at length.

He also mentioned that it is not just the destruction of Kashmir but also the destruction of global peace.

The president declared that the international community should take immediate steps to stop the Modi government from their atrocities.

He also congratulated the PTI government and its officials for successfully completing their first year of ruling. This statement of him created a lot of fuss among the opposition leaders and they started protesting against it. However, president Alvi keeps on addressing.

He stated, “It is my constitutional responsibility to review the parliament’s performance.”
He also addressed the protesting personalities advising them to listen to him along with protesting against his statement.

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