President Alvi

President Alvi requests ulema to advise people to pray at home


Islamabad: President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi has advised the ulema to urge people across the country to offer prayers at home amid coronavirus fears.

On Thursday, he has requested Pakistani ulema to advised people to stay indoors and pray from home for a healthy Pakistan.

During a video conference with Pakistani ulema and governors of all provinces, president stated,

“Ulema should advise people to pray in their homes. They [ulema] should also educate the masses about the precautionary measures against the coronavirus.”

He has advised the religious scholars to make sure that congregational prayers should be halted in order to stop the spread of coronavirus among the masses.

He further claimed that the religious scholars should act on the basis of principles of Islam and should seek guidance from Quran and Sunnah.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan the confirmed cases of coronavirus have surged to 1200 across different sections of the country. Despite lockdown and strict actions taken by the government, the cases are continuously rising in the country.

Yesterday, Punjab has witnessed several new cases while one death from COVID 19 is also reported in Punjab.

With the effect of the new cases, the total number of confirmed cases in Punjab has surged to 405, while Sindh still remains the hard hit sector of coronavirus.

According to the national media, the total number of deaths from coronavirus has reached to 9.

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