Imran Khan Got Invitation from France

Prime Minister Imran Khan Got Invitation from France as Well


Prime minister Imran Khan is getting appreciation from different think tanks because of his strong foreign policies. He is considered to be an important leader in the central Asia region.

It is claimed first-time civil-military relations are working to get a common cause and that is currently to grow the economic activities in the country.

Army chief gave full support to Imran Khan, and that’s why we see in the budget session where the Army of Pakistan once again showed courage and generous behaviour. No increment was taken against defence budget.

The French Ambassador appointed in Pakistan invited prime minister of Pakistan to attend the world peace conference in France. It got much importance because now the world’s developed nations started giving attention to Pakistan.

The green passport’s status is weak in all the countries. So, we should appreciate such activities to strengthen our stance. World’s peace forum will start in November. France is taking active steps to improve the capacity of this organization.

A lot of global issues can be discussed and resolved with the help of connected nations. That’s why leaders from different countries can express their point of views on this forum and then a join solution would be presented. The French ambassador also added, “we know Imran Khan is very busy in this country but we would be pleased to see him in Paris.`

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