Imran Khan is Angry for protest

Prime Minister Imran Khan is Angry at the Restraint for the Rallies and Protest


Imran Khan has ordered not to impose any kind of constraint in the roots of people who are conducting protests and rallies.

Everyone has a democratic right to protest against the government if they are not satisfied or they are not agreed with the policies of the current government.

But people can record their peaceful protest and they are not allowed to destroy public property. They are not allowed to degrade an individual or institute without any due consideration.

Imran Khan also told that he is very much aware of the effects regarding the restrictions imposed by PEMRA. Opposition parties are claiming that the coverage of the protests has been banned on major TV channels.

The ruling party thinks PML (N) is trying to put pressure on the government to release Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

“We are getting the punishment as we worked very hard to make a Pakistan as a prosperous country. So, it is the right time to come out of the homes now to save Pakistan. The selected PM is not going to do anything good for the nation.” This is what Maryam Bibi’s telling to the crowd in her protests.

Imran Khan also explained that he is not in the favor of any illegal activities or FIRs against the people who are participating in in the protests.

The opposition conducted rallies in the name of ”Black Day”  because the government has passed one year and opposition still believes, the election of 2018 was not fair and Imran Khan is a selected Prime Minister.

So, he is not fully capable to run the government. Imran Khan also told that media coverage should be given to every party in my country. So, that’s a positive sign and it also gives a message to the opposition parties that now you can show your power.

PM has announced many times in his previous press conferences that we will give maximum facilities and food as well to the protesters but where are they? No one comes out on the call of PML (N) because people have known the real face of corrupt people.

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