Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to America will be of much importance critical issues will be discussed: Shah Mahmood Qureshi

America, Russia and China appreciated the efforts of Pakistan in the peace process. “It is has become necessary now that there should be healthy and constructive relations between Pakistan and America”, foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told in an interview.

Prime minister Imran Khan will talk about on the sensitive matters of the region. It is true, the economic conditions are not exactly what we were expecting before the election but we have to show our stance to America this time. We have to see the outcomes of “do more” demand. We have to prepare counter strategies in this regard.

It is very obvious, if there is peace in Afghanistan then there will be peace in Pakistan & India. Mr. Shah Mehmood Qureshi also told that Pakistan Muslim League (N) did not appoint the foreign minister till 4 years and it left very negative impacts on the foreign policies.

He added that the previous government played badly with the economy of Pakistan. That’s why we are suffering a lot in this current time. However, the government is trying its very best with complete honesty and dedication to solve all the economic problems and all the political problems.

The Pakistani government is trying to have better and meaningful relations with all the developed nations because we cannot remain silent when other countries speak on peace.  We want to be with the world’s leaders. We have to make sure our presence in all the major events which can have an effect on the political situation of a specific country.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi also told, we will come out of the vicious economic circle and the governments sometimes need to take very difficult decisions for the future.

I know the conditions are not suitable and easy for the traders and for common people. But let me assure, I am very hopeful that very soon the conditions will be better and we are fully focusing to stop the money laundering. We have received much success in seizing the corruption.

The Government of Pakistan is not going to award any kind of NRO to any person in Pakistan. We have a very strong stand on this issue that no one is allowed to grab the money and take it into foreign countries. It’s the money of people of that should be invested and utilized for the Welfare of the people we will not allow any organization or any company or any person from any province to pull the money illegally and send to other countries. We have a shortage of dollars; our foreign reserves are not a lot so we have to take these crucial steps. We also expect that people will co-operate with us. We are doing all the possible efforts with the limited resources for the betterment of our economy but the very next year will be much better than the current year 2019.

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