Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Pakistan visit: The global significance


Islamabad: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived in Pakistan late on Monday evening. The Royal tour carries a lot of global significance. After 13 years, there is happening a grand 5-day royal visit in Pakistan.

As a result of this visit, Pakistan is successfully putting his marks in world politics. While announcing the visit, the Kensington Palace issued a statement saying,

“The most complex tour undertaken by The Duke and Duchess to date, given the logistical and security considerations.”

Moreover, “Their Royal Highnesses will also spend time understanding the complex security picture in Pakistan. They will learn more about the challenges and opportunities, both of the past and today. The UK has been a key partner for Pakistan.”

Pakistan is gradually involving more and more in global affairs. It has developed strong relations with superpowers of the world including the US. During his last visit to the US, President Donald Trump had requested him to mediate between the US and Iran.

This is indeed a proud moment for the people of Pakistan. On the other hand, Indian authorities have tried their best to isolate Pakistan from the world community.

Nirupama Subramanian, who is a senior Indian journalist commented on PM Imran welcoming Prince William and Kate Middleton at the PM Office, she stated,

“Days before FATF is to decide if Pakistan has kept anti-terror promises, & Indian media/natsec establishment is already ballistic with demand for blacklisting, here’s the PakPM receiving British royal couple WillKat, on a 5-day visit. Isolation, anyone?”

However, our leader Imran Khan has proved that Pakistan is no less than any super power. Hence, claiming a certain position in the world.

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