Principal wife killed by student

Principal’s wife killed by student


A teenage student named Rizwan was arrested by the Dolphin Force on Thursday night for killing his principal’s wife in Sunder, Multan Road Lahore. A detailed report of the incident revealed that the student has an illicit relationship with one of the teachers.

The wife of the principal has confirmed his relationship with the teachers and hence she informed his parents about this. Getting furious over it he has decided to kill her. And was caught by the Dolphin Squad on Thursday evening, after assassinating the principal’s wife.
During the attack, the sister of the victim was also injured however, she is out of danger but failed to save her sister from the brutal attack of the ninth-grader Rizwan.

Despite progressing and making necessary developments on the educational grounds, our educational system still lacks proper discipline and ethics. I would rather say that the teacher having an illicit relationship with the boy should also be questioned over this. What we are leaving behind? Some rubbish tales like this! People like her tend to ruin the future of our young generation. She doesn’t deserve this seat.

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