Priyanka support New Zealand

Priyanka’s post showing support for New Zealand has made her an imposter and hypocrite in the eyes of Awaam


The New Zealand mosques mass massacre was indeed an incident never to forget. There was a time when Muslims were considered terrorists. But this incident has proved that Muslims are not terrorists as they themselves are the victims just like others. Celebrities across the world, have come forth to condemn this heinous act of mass massacre. Priyanka was one of those who has actually felt the human loss that New Zealand has gone through.
She has posted on her twitter account a very emotional tribute to the victims.

However, the response that she was getting was quite unusual. Some called her an imposter while other calling her a true hypocrite. People aren’t even able to make sure that her sentiments or support for New Zealand is true and genuine.
The post by Priyanka Chopra showed these words, “The world is with you” a kiwi bird, a map of New Zealand and the date “15.03.19”. Although she’s attempting to show her support with the victims, people aren’t believing it.

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