Problem faced by newly born Pakistan

Problem faced by newly born Pakistan


The division of the Sub-continent was never an easy task for the freedom fighters of that era. The Pakistani nation has earned its homeland in the literal meanings through scarifying their lives. Even their hardships and difficulties not ended after the creation of Pakistan, they have paid a huge amount of courage and labor to make their country a well-established and prosperous piece of land to breath in.

The team LogicalBaat pays tribute to the freedom fighters who have sacrificed their lives and to the people who have prayed for its solemnity.

Problem faced by newly born Pakistan

Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947. However, the aftermaths of independence were even worse for our people to deal with them. There were ample Problem faced by newly born Pakistan people to establish their state. Below, we have rounded up 07 issues and problems that were being faced by the newly born Pakistan.

  • Establishment of a Good Governance
  • Unfair Boundary Distribution (Radcliffe Award)
  • Hardships and slaughtering of Muslim Refugees in India
  • Rehabilitation of the Refugees in Pakistan
  • Division of Military Assets
  • Division of Financial Assets
  • Electricity and Water Crisis
  • Leaderships Responsibilities
  • Political Riots

So, let’s discuss some of these issues in detail.

Establishment of a Good Governance

Establishment of a Good Governance was the first task that the Pakistani nation has to perform because without government a nation cannot be progressed. It requires proper responsibility and planning to run a country.

The selection of an administrative capital became necessary at that time in order to run and establish the government. Under the wake of this, our leader Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was appointed as the First Governor-General, and Karachi was selected as the administrative capital of the country.

People started working in offices but there were very few stationery and office furniture left for the nation. So, they experienced a lot of troubles in fulfilling their dreams. In order to kick things off, temporary offices were being made.

Unfair Boundary Distribution (Radcliffe Award)

Another problem faced by the newly born Pakistan was that of unfair boundary distribution between India and Pakistan. Sir Cyril Radcliffe who was responsible for the boundary distribution has very cunningly shaken hands with the Indians.

Moreover, Lord Mountbatten has also helped India in getting Gurdaspur, Ferozepur, Jullandar, and Kashmir. Despite the Muslim majority, these areas were handed over to India through treacherous means.

Hardships and slaughtering of Muslim Refugees in India

Another patience-testing moment for the Pakistani people was to witness the slaughtering of the Muslim refugees in India. The division of Punjab appeared to be the most crucial problem. With the help of Hindus and Sikhs, India has oppressed and forced the Muslim family to join them. Those who refused to side with India were ruthlessly slaughtered by the Indians.

Women were being raped, the killed the infants and the old ones. The streets were full of human blood and their body parts were scattered around. This was such a terrible sight to witness. It is reported that within 7 days, around 600,000 Muslims were informed to be slaughtered.

Rehabilitation of the Refugees in Pakistan

Another problem faced by Pakistan was the rehabilitation of the refugees who have successfully made it possible to join Pakistan on their own. Upon their arrivals, necessities were provided to them. Their issues regarding their accommodations were taken care of. Public buildings were being formed to help the poor refugees.

Meanwhile, several aid camps were also designed for refugees to meet their medical needs. At that moment, our great leader Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah has said to those refugees that,

“Pakistan has come to stay and it will stay!”

Division of Military Assets

The newly born Pakistan has faced problems regarding the unfair distribution of the military and financial assets as well. Once again, by using foul means, India becomes successful in grabbing Pakistan’s due share.

Instead of giving Rs.750 million, it gave only Rs.200 million to Pakistan and the rest is still pending. The same goes for the division of military assets. And Pakistan cannot help but practice patience over these unfair authorities.

Electricity and Water Crisis

India also succeeded in bringing electricity and water crisis in Pakistan. almost all the power stations were in those areas that India has taken on its side. There was no electricity or water supply for Pakistan.

India has also tried to destabilize our economy and made every effort for it. Pakistan has to buy water from India and so India got a chance to weaken Pakistan’s economy. Moreover, these issues were among those that cannot be neglected or taken for granted and Pakistan has to deal with them.

In order to resolve that issue, the Indus water Basin treaty was being formed and Pakistan took a sigh of relief.

Leaderships Responsibilities

The worst phase begins after the death of our leader Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Due to sheer hard work and determination, his health started deteriorating and he passed away. On the occasion of 14th August 1947, Quaid-e-Azam said to his nation,

“The foundation of your state have been laid and it is now for you to build and build as quickly as you can.”

After his death, it was Liaqat Ali Khan who has to take the responsibility of the entire country. It was a good chance for the anti-Pakistan states and soon Liaqat Ali Khan was also shot dead through the heinous conspiracies of the enemies. At that time, Pakistan experienced the greatest loss since its creation.


In a nutshell, the Muslims of the Sub-continent have faced a lot of problems in their fight for a separate homeland. Though Pakistan came into existence as a free state, it faced a lot of life taking challenges. It was due to the sheer hard work and efforts of the Muslims that now we are living in a state that we can surely call our own.

Problem faced by newly born Pakistan
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Problem faced by newly born Pakistan
Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947. There were ample Problem faced by newly born Pakistan people to establish their state
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