Production Orders of Hamza Shahbaz

Production Orders of Hamza Shahbaz and Khawaja Salman issued


Lahore: Speaker Punjab Assembly Ch Pervaiz Elahi has issued production orders of Opposition leader Hamza Shahbaz and Khawaja Salman Rafiq.

PML N had applied to issue the production order of both the members of Provincial Assembly. Because they think both persons are vital for the upcoming sessions of the assembly. Budget Sessions of Punjab Assembly are also important for the nation.

If Hamza Shahbaz does not join, then what will be the credibility of the debate session? This is what Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz believes. Provincial Minister Makhdoom Bakht Jawan presented fiscal Budget of the Province. First thing is that the budget cannot be held friendly in any sense. But the thing is can we recall a budget in 70 years that can be held public friendly in true spirit?

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Our Economy is at stake:

The opposition should also understand the delicate situation of the economy and it can get worse stage if the things do not get resolved at some solid agenda. Mr. Khan should engage all the parties for the budget implementation in the country then he can deploy his other policies.

Among all the clashes and fights there is one “innocent” create named as public. People are suffering a lot. So, from both ends, there should come wise decision for the betterment of society.

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