PSL drops ‘Khel Ja Dil Se’

PSL drops ‘Khel Ja Dil Se’ featuring Fawad Khan, Aima Baig and others


Cricket fever across the country is at its height as cricket has come home with Pakistan Super League V being played from start to finish in the country. It has also multiplied the number of music releases dedicated to cricket.

PSL drops ‘Khel Ja Dil Se’

Chief among those releases is ‘Khel Ja Dil Se,’ the latest PSL/Pepsi anthem, which opens with Fawad Khan against a completely dark backdrop. It’s just black, with Khan being the exception, as neon colours appear and disappear on him slowly.

Aima Baig’s appearance

Unlike ‘Tayyar Hain’, this one is more electronic, very much akin to the sound Xulfi and Fawad managed to create in ‘Uth Jaag’. In the video, Fawad fades out to be replaced by actor-singer Haroon Shahid against a colorful neon-meets-laser lights backdrop as he sings about moving beyond failure. Interspersed with these are shots of Pakistan’s cricketers. The voice changes, Kashmir’s Bilal Ali appears as cricketers walk through a hall of fame. Aima Baig’s appearance brings an electronic dance element into the mix as sick beats follow on. This is a completely opposite track from ‘Tayyar Hain’ and though it has its own generational value, this one is closer to being a single one can listen to beyond PSL V and that is a great success for music producer Xulfi, who has been admonished too much for ‘Tayyar Hain’ whereas both are different ideas of music.

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