PTA Imposed Tax on Every Phone International Travelers Will Bring

More often we see that instead of buying cell phones from the local market, people bring along cell phones from the foreign. The reason could be low prices and sometimes we get gifts from our relatives. This process really hurt our economy and trading of cell phones in the local market. Initially, the Government took the notice and tried to filter the flow and restricted the entry of cell phones to one only for personal use. More than that was taxable and limit was decided for maximum of five units annually.

Recently, PTA has announced that all the international travelers will have to pay taxes against any phones which they will bring along. This policy is implemented from 1st July and taxes will be applicable as per the value of the cell phone. This decision is a big advancement towards higher revenue generation but people are not happy as the taxes are very high keeping in view the actual prices of the phones. Actually, it is the government’s initiative to promote cellphone trading locally.

PTA is using Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) to restrict all the devices nationally. Amazingly this system is very effective though but still there are some people in the black market who can still run devices. For once we can think that this is effective but ultimately it is illegal and those who are involved will be in trouble soon as PTA is on the toes in this matter. So, beware folks and pay your taxes according to the policy.

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