PTA Strengthens Crackdown Against Unlawful Issuance of SIMs

The Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) Zonal Office in Lahore, in close joint effort with the Government Examination Organization (FIA) Cyber crime Circle, led fruitful strikes against two franchisees of a cell phone organization situated in Lala Musa.

These franchisees were viewed as engaged with the unlawful issuance of SIMs. During the strike, a PC, a mobile phone, 48 BVS gadgets, 48 SIMs, and silicon thumbs were seized as proof, two people were likewise secured in the vicinity by the FIA group.

FIA is at present exploring the matter further. PTA had recorded protests with FIA before founded on data in regards to the unlawful issuance of SIMs by the deal channels. A comparative strike was led in Kasur by similar group a couple of days back.

The strikes are important for PTA’s continuous endeavors to forestall the evasion of the Multi-Finger Biometric Check Framework (MBVS). This fearless and relentless responsibility highlights the Power’s devotion to destroying the unlawful issuance of SIMs, PTA said in its proclamation.

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