PTI is mandated to conduct intra-party elections within 20 days and is permitted to use the symbol “bat.”

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was permitted to run for office using the symbol “bat” on Thursday, while the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) mandated that the party hold intra-party elections within 20 days.

The PTI intra-party elections were found void by the ECP, which announced its reserved ruling.


After the PTI lawyer responded to the party’s show-cause letter, the ECP had reserved the ruling on September 13. The case was heard by a four-person court chaired by Nisar Durrani.

Regarding the intra-party elections, the ECP had sent a letter to the PTI on August 2 asking why it shouldn’t be disqualified for skipping the polls.

Barrister Gohar, the PTI’s legal representative, stated that the party later retracted the revisions after the intra-party elections were place prior to the party constitution amendment.
The PTI leader received a show-cause notice from the ECP in May of last year for neglecting to organize intra-party elections. On the PTI’s request, the deadline was extended, enabling the party to hold intra-party elections until June 13, 2022. But the outgoing ruling party was unable to do this.
The planned date of the PTI intra-party elections was June 13, 2021.

The PTI failed to meet the prerequisite, which resulted in the June 13, 2021, intra-party elections being canceled.

The PTI attorneys have denounced the ECP polls and declared that they will appeal the decision in a court of law.

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