PUBG Online Game Banned By Jordan Due To Negative Effects


PUBG (PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds), an online mobile game was banned by Jordan on 6 July. Although PUBG is a highly popular game it is also merciless and cruel.

The kingdom claimed that this game has negative effects on its citizens.

The game is frequently compared to “The Hunger Games”, a best seller book and a box-office hit series.

Abandoned characters are put against one another in this online game, and this virtual fight is to death. PUBG became one of the topmost popular mobile games in the world.

A source within the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Jordan cautioned that the users of this mobile game experienced negative effects. Then the kingdom blocked the game officially.

This action followed after PUBG was banned in Nepal, Iraq, India’s Gujarat state as well as the Aceh province in Indonesia.

During May, Tencent a Chinese technology giant stopped to offer this game and directed users to a new game it launched which is almost a similar program it designed.

In Jordan, PUBH is very popular. However, institutions within the country warned their employees against playing the game.

Jordanian psychologists have repeatedly issued warnings that this game is encouraging violence and that it is contributing to bullying behavior among the youth.

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