PUBG New Update Features

PUBG New Update Features Team Death Match and Godzilla Theme


Online gaming is the most prominent source of entertainment these days. Initially, it all started with the gaming consoles and PCs but now we can see more trend towards mobile gaming which is dramatically increasing. The biggest reason for the shift in trend is that mobile phones are easier to carry and provide smart features on a single tap. In mobile gaming, PUBG mobile emerged within no time and aced the market. PUBG right now is at the top of the most popular games list, specifically in Asia and Europe. It also comes in PC, PS4 and XBOX but the mobile version is on the top. PUBG mobile is much lighter as compared to other versions and shows much less lags and glitches in the presence of even slower internet.

PUBG recently launched its new update 0.13 which is one of the major updates this year as it included Team Death Match, Godzilla theme and much more. Team deathmatch is based on the idea previously launched by Call of Duty. A player can play in a team of 4, which competes with another team of 4 players. In short, we can say that its 4V4 match and the first team to reach 40 kills wins the match. During the match, if you get killed, you simply appear again immediately for the counter-attack. It is the biggest update since the launch of zombie mode and offers a different experience than the usual games.

The second feature in the new update is the Godzilla theme which is a promotional activity in collaboration with the newly released movie Godzilla. Before this update, most of the fans and players were expecting that a gigantic Godzilla will be the part of the game but after the release, it was clear the only themes are available in the form of featured in-game merchandise and skins. PUBG also included better cheat detection in the new update as it is very common that some players usually try to cheat through hacking methods to win games without competition. This new feature will be very helpful for better and equal play.

Another new feature is the footsteps. Now players will leave footsteps but in Vikendi Map only. Players are hoping that this will also be included in the other maps. Inventory management has also been improved as players can display items in batches for the convenience. Players can also have different settings for FPP and TPP. As you can see, the PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 update offers quite a lot of changes, and I’m sure the majority are indeed welcomed with open arms by the player base. When taking all of this into account, it’s quite easy to see why the game is so popular.

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