Public vs Private Universities

Public vs. Private Universities the Problems We Face While Getting Admissions


There was a time when only the federal government or public sector departments were making regulations for the universities and were giving admissions to the students on the basis of strict merit only. But a few years back the entire scenario changed and many private universities started dominating higher education sector on the basis of self- finance schemes. As a matter of fact, it is a big opportunity especially for those young candidates who are unable to get admissions in public medical colleges and engineering universities on the basis of merit due to low grades.

In reality, the emerging trend was much harmful to the overall student induction market in Pakistan. The fee structures of public universities are almost nothing as compared to private universities. A clear example is in front of us in the form of Private Medical Colleges who are charging more than One Million Rupees per year from a student, which is beyond reasonable. On the other hand, Public Sector Colleges are charging much less but lack reasonable facilities to offer.

These days our youth is having depression and stress due to diverse reasons and that ultimate reason is rejection. Their future plans most probably get ruined after getting rejected from a reputed university despite getting reasonable marks in the previous classes. Here again, merit plays a major role in all this, which results in getting admission in private universities and paying a heavy sum of amount in the form of tuition fees. My question is that do they have any other option? Private universities are getting a full benefit from this situation without leaving any chance.

Higher authorities and concerned government departments must take corrective actions to bring both private and public institutes on the same page otherwise very soon private institutions will create a monopoly. The facilities at public institutes should be improved to attract more talented candidates by allocating specific budgets. Parents should also encourage students instead of demotivating them in case of rejections and must provide help of all sorts.

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