Puma to Terminate Sponsorship Agreement with the Israeli National Football Team by 2024.

Puma recently said they’re stopping their support for Israel’s national football team starting next year. This decision was made a year ago and has nothing to do with recent problems or calls for boycotts. Puma clarified that they only sponsor the national team, not clubs in Israeli settlements, which goes against what boycott campaigners are saying. Some people think activists supporting Palestine influenced Puma’s decision, but the Israel Football Association says it’s because of contract talks that didn’t work out, not outside pressure.

Puma is ending the partnership mainly because of money and changes in their plans. They want to be more careful in how they promote sports. Puma is also going to announce a new important partnership soon and will stop working with Serbia’s national team next year.

This choice is based on whether it makes sense financially and if the terms of the agreement are good for Puma. Puma is looking at its other partnerships with the same perspective. This shows that Puma is flexible in how it supports sports, considering money matters, their plans, and the details of their agreements.

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