Punjab Assembly discusses Ramzan transmission

Punjab Assembly discusses Ramzan transmission with a ban on the showbiz figures


Lahore: On Thursday, Punjab Assembly has passed a concordant resolution which stated that no showbiz figure would be allowed to host Ramzan Transmissions.  There should be a ban on all the showbiz figures who are likely to attend and host Ramzan transmissions this year.

Muavya Azam Tariq, the son of Maulana Azam Tariq has moved the resolution in the Punjab assembly. And surprisingly not a single member of the Punjab Assembly was against it. The resolution instructed the PEMRA to strictly impose a ban on all the showbiz figures from being part of Ramzan transmissions.

In his views, Ramzan is a month of blessings and prayers and these showbiz figures having no knowledge of Islam are spoiling the true essence of the month. Instead of focusing these celebrity figures, PEMRA should seek the teachings of the Ulema e Karam.

Ulema-e-Karam had spent their lives in learning and spreading the religion but Ramzan programs were hosted by showbiz figures with least knowledge of Islamic teachings.

Fortunately, the resolution was passed without even a single vote against it.

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