Punjab government rejects Nawaz Sharif’s request for an extension in bail


Lahore: On Tuesday, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has filed a plea in the court seeking extension in his bail granted on the medical grounds. Punjab government rejects Nawaz Sharif’s request for an extension in bail

Medical reports to the Punjab government

However, the Punjab government has rejected his plea seeking an extension in bail. It further declared that the PML-N supremo had not submitted any of his fresh medical reports to the Punjab government.

While speaking to the media persons, Law Minister Raja Basharat has said that the government keeps on asking the former Pm to submit his fresh medical reports, however, he had not done it.

Law Minister Raja Basharat

Basharat told media that “He (Nawaz Sharif) has not been admitted to any hospital since he went to London for treatment. We have repeatedly asked his physician Dr. Adnan Khan about the cardiac procedure. Dr. Adnan failed to give any particular date and said we have lined up this in the next couple of weeks.”

Moreover, he also highlighted that the Islamabad high court has given eight weeks to the former PM. He even availed 16 weeks and still did not submit any report.

Islamabad High Court

“The Islamabad High Court had given eight weeks to Nawaz. In the last 16 weeks, we have not received any new reports from London.”

Justifying the decision of the Punjab government, he cleared that it refused to grant bail to the former PM because no new reports were being sent from the UK.

“Since no new reports were sent, the Punjab cabinet reached a decision on them and decided not to extend the bail,” he told.

“Rana Sanaullah came on the media

He further added, “Rana Sanaullah came on the media a few days ago and said Nawaz would undergo a cardiac procedure on February 24, however, when we asked Dr. Adnan, he refused to share a specific date and said the operation would be lined up in the next two to three weeks.”

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