Punjab Government to Use Artificial Rain in Lahore to Combat Smog

Due to the serious smog problem in Punjab, especially in Lahore, the government is trying new ideas to fix it. One unique plan is to make fake rain, which hasn’t been done before in the country. Government ministers Bilal Afzal and Mansoor Qadir recently talked about this plan to deal with the bad air quality causing health issues and other problems.

This artificial rain is set for late November, timed with expected cloudy weather to make it work well. They’re taking it seriously, forming a special team and considering using aircraft to help make the rain. But before it happens, the chief minister needs to approve it, showing they’re being careful with this new idea.

The smog situation has reached a critical point, leading the Lahore High Court to advise the closure of schools and the encouragement of remote work for people. This highlights the severity of the circumstances, with a primary focus on prioritizing the health and safety of the public.

The Punjab government is being active in trying new things to solve environmental issues. If this plan works, it could be a way to fight air pollution in the area and might help with other environmental problems too.

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