“Punjab’s Chief Minister Proposes Transitioning from Laptop Initiative to iPad Initiative”

During a session held on Thursday, Punjab’s Chief Minister, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, conducted a thorough review of the higher education scholarships and iPad scheme implemented across the province.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the incomplete briefing, the Chief Minister instructed the preparation of a comprehensive plan for the PEEF Scholarships scheme.

In a significant development, CM Maryam mandated a student survey to be conducted regarding the iPad and laptop schemes in Punjab. Emphasizing the importance of understanding students’ needs, she highlighted that decisions regarding the distribution of iPads and laptops would be made based on the survey findings.

Additionally, Maryam Nawaz underscored the significance of gathering students’ feedback for such initiatives.

The meeting was attended by former Senator Pervez Rasheed, member of Provincial Assembly Maryam Aurangzeb, Nosheen Adnan, Rana Sikandar Hayat, Chief Secretary, Chairman P&D, Secretary Finance and Secretary Higher Education, Chairman PITB, and other officials.

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