Putin Wants to Promote Bilateral Relations with Pakistan

Putin Wants to Promote Bilateral Relations with Pakistan


Russian president Vladimir Putin wants to promote the working relation with the current Pakistani Government. It’s a good sign when Pakistan is in a position where it needs a lot of aids and trade agreements with different countries.

Whats India’s Top Priority?

Our exports are also not enough to meet our absolute expenses. In Bishkek Imran Khan seemed very close to the Russian President. India’s also wish these two powers should not come into any agreement because China is already supporting Pakistan.

If Russia also starts supporting Pak leaders in the region, then the economic and defence stability of India could be in danger. This is what the think tank of India is claiming in a number of Indian channels.

Putin added another important thing while talking with the new elected prime minister of Pakistan that the former president Gen.

The Military Ruler Had Strong Connection With Putin:

Ret. Pervaiz Musharraf had a keen interest in bilateral relations and many projects were expected to bring prosperity in the region. However, after that, there was not a serious response from the next Pak governments.

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