Pyar Naal Na Sahi

Jimmy Khan’s new song ‘Pyar Naal Na Sahi’ is on the track


Jimmy Khan

The success of Jimmy Khan’s first two singles in December has urged him to bring his third one on the surface. As we all know that Jimmy Khan is a renowned Pakistani singer who has won the hearts of millions of people especially his new music album ‘Tich Button’ has gained him enough popularity.

Jimmy Khan new song

In December, he has released his first two songs of the album and they were the hit ones. The third song is titled as ‘Pyar Naal Na Sahi’. The song proved to be Jimmy khan’s most well received renditions. The song is being tuned from the legendary Attaullah Esakhelvi, also one of Jimmy Khan’s inspirational characters.

Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi

As it is a common debate among Pakistanis that most of our youngsters are ‘nakaam ashiqs’ so this song is primarily popular among the nakeem lovers. Lol

The lyrics are quite hutting back at the heart and words seem dreamy evoking a sense of an obsessive passion that on reserves for their loved ones. The very first line ‘Pyar Naal na Sahi gussy nal vekh lya kr, bemaron nu shifa mil jandi ae,’ hayeeee, it’s really taking my heart away, although I am not an ashiq or mehbuba. But somehow, the song is best suited for the current situation of our young generation. Lmao. And maybe this is the reason for the popularity of the song.
On the release of the song, the words of Jimmy khan were, “the conviction is Lala’s voice when I first heard this song resonated with me so strongly I sing it at every opportunity I get and is now a recognized number in the bands set. Humbled and honored to have Lala’s blessings for this rendition and very happy to finally put this live version out. Hope you all enjoy this.” Here is the video of the song.

Jimmy Khan was so fascinated with the old Punjabi folk tunes and poetry that his first album ‘Tich Button’ intends to rejuvenate and revive the old area back in quite a modern style. These songs are being brought to life again through the album.
The songs have been tracked at Saad Hayat’s Studio located in Karachi while the songs were mixed by Zain Ahsan in Lahore. Rangoonwala spot was selected for the shooting of the song. The song is directed by Ahsan Ali.

Jimmy Khan band

Well, I really loved the song. What are your views about the song? Do let us know about your thoughts on the song.

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