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Qabail – For Scrumptious Pashtoon Food

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Celebrating Pashtoon culture, Qabail is an eatery which offers scrumptious Pashtoon food which is quite rare in Lahore. Without the infusion of the local flavors and tastes, this junctions provides a real flavor and taste of the Pashtoon food.

People enjoy visiting the spot as it gives them an unusual and unique dining experience. The food has been prepared with the help of real flavors and fresh ingredients.

Interior and Ambience:

As soon as you step into the eatery, your nose will instantly catch up the distinct aromas of BBQ platters, Karahis, kababs, and other delicious food items.

As the name suggests, the interior is extremely traditional. You’ll most probably encounter Pathans at the entrance to portray the essence of the Pashtoon culture.

You’ll witness yourself the beautiful portraits hanging from the walls. In order to make it more classy and cultural based, use of small trucks has been made to set them as decoration pieces. Colorful walls and curtains look magnificently tremendous.

qabail restaurant dha


qabail lahore dha

High wooden tables and chairs with amazing qabaili patterns and embellished ceiling designs and patterns have made successfully depicted the traditional and cultural touch.

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Last but not least, that classical Pashtoon music in the background makes this eatery the most desirable. Well, the restaurant has really given its best to make its visitors feel more relaxed and comfortable after getting lost in the beauty of the inspiring Pashtoon culture.

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The question about ‘Khany me kya hy’ rises in the mind of almost every individual while studying about any particular restaurant. According to my notice here is the list of all those items which have been served in this restaurant. You get the world’s most delicious Sajii, BBQ, Chappli Kabab, Kabuli & badami Naan, Reshmi Kabab, Kabuli Pulao, Lamb Karahi, Afghani Mutton Kabab, Dumba Karahi and many more.

ramadan food menu Qabail

ramadan food menu Qabail lahore

These dishes contain the true flavors of Pashtoon food.

A good chance for all food lovers to enjoy not only the local and traditional cuisines but the cultural cuisines as well.


You can access this cultural eatery from two locations, whatever suits you the best. Here is the complete address!

Gulberg III Branch

46-A MM Alam Rd, Block B2 Block B 2 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Johar Town Branch

429 Main Blvd, Block G4 Block G 4 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab

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