Rabi Pirzada performs Umrah

Rabi Pirzada performs Umrah


Rabi Pirzada is Pakistan’s acknowledged singer cum actress. Recently she has informed her fans that with the grace of Allah Almighty she has performed umrah.

Rabi Pirzada performs Umrah

She took to her Instagram handle and shared a picture of her in which she could be seen standing in front of the Holy Kaabah.

She captioned her pictures in these words, “Yes I love to show off my umrah because this is something to be proud of, we all must show off our religious rituals. i put all my ego and self-esteem aside, I came to MAKKAH and nothing can make me happier”.


It’s a miracle itself

She went on expressing her joy and emotions in these words, “I am an artist, I paint, I photograph but honestly I’ve never seen a single place or object in this world which looks like this. I took photographs from all angles, and it doesn’t give 3d or 2 d effects. I don’t know u will understand or not but it’s a miracle itself.”

She further added, “In Makkah, I feel like being a guest of Allah. I see Him everywhere. I don’t remember my family, my home my paintings my life. All I remember is breathing in a place which is hosted by none other than the CREATOR.”

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