Rabi Pirzada on aurat march

Rabi Pirzada’s recent post mocking the liberal aunties of Aurat March has a lot more to say


Rabi Pirzada

After New Zealand women donning headscarves to express empathy and solidarity with the Muslim women, Rabi Pirzada, a renowned Pakistani singer has taken to her twitter handle and mocked the so-called liberal aunties of Aurat March.

Her highly contentious tweet comparing the NZ women wearing dupatta while Pakistani Liberal Anties speaking against it, has a lot to say in the comments section. Some of her fans have lauded her for speaking up accurately while others ridiculed her for not even wearing dupatta herself. People are not even sparing her of doing the same as those liberal aunties have done.

After receiving such comments by the public, she again posted on her Twitter account, shutting the mouths of her haters.


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