Rain expected in twin cities today

Rawalpindi: According to the Met Office, rain is predicted for the Twin Cities today (Tuesday), while snow is predicted for Murree.

Upper regions of the country are currently being affected by a westerly wave, which will probably last for the next few days.

In upper Punjab, Islamabad, the Potohar region, higher Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan, rain was predicted, according to a Met Office official. In a few locations in Kashmir, moderate to heavy rain or snowfall is predicted. Other regions of the country should see cold and dry weather, he added, noting that snowfall fell in a few isolated locations in Kashmir, Murree, and the Chillas on Monday while cold weather predominated everywhere in the nation.

The amounts of snowfall at Kalam, Parachinar, Malamjabba, Dir, and Murree were all around six inches, six inches, one inch, and one inch, respectively.
Kalat and Leh both had the lowest minimum temperatures ever recorded.

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