Rakhi Sawant blatantly responds to the trolls

Rakhi Sawant blatantly responds to the trolls and Indian Media over her picture with Pakistani flag


Bollywood’s queen of controversies, Rakhi Sawant just returned with some spicy and undaunted personality after she was being trolled by the Indian Media after wearing Pakistani flag over her body. Rakhi Sawant is among those who speak undauntedly about what she feels.

A few days back, the Indian model-turned actress has posted a picture of her wearing a Pakistani flag on her body. The picture left everybody astonished. There was a handful of people who have trolled her for doing so like she doesn’t love India and publicizing Pakistan here through her post.

She was recently questioned by a media person about the reason behind wearing a Pakistani flag to which she got tempered. She questioned them a few things and seeks answers for them.

The first question that she asked was “Why do you only target the artists and not the prime minister?”

Targeting the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, she claimed that “Two years ago Indian Prime Minister Modi went to Pakistan without an invitation to meet ex-Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Nobody stopped him.” No one questioned his uninvited visit to Pakistan.

She further questioned that “Our very own Sania Mirza is married there. Nobody questions her.”

She goes on stating that even “Sidhu gee has paid visit to Pakistan. Nobody even asked him. Then why they are asking her?”

She asked them to first answer her questions then she will answer them back.

However, she clarifies that “I love my India but it’s my character in the film Dhara 370 in which I am playing the role of a Pakistani girl.”

“Every Pakistani is not bad. Every Muslim is not bad,” she went on saying.

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