Ramiz Raja Surprises Everyone with Startling Revelation Regarding Babar Azam

Ramiz Raja, the former Pakistani cricketer, and commentator, uncovered that Babar Azam, Pakistan’s captain, is encountering a feeling of distress and disappointment because of the team’s precarious position, teetering on the edge of elimintion from the World Cup.

After New Zealand won against Sri Lanka recently, Pakistan’s hopes of making it to the semi-finals have decreased a lot.To secure advancement, they must achieve a substantial victory over England in their upcoming match.

Should Pakistan choose to bat first, the daunting task before them is to defeat England by 287 runs. Alternatively, if they opt to bowl first, they face the challenge of restricting England to 50 runs and chasing the target within two overs or limiting them to 100 runs and chasing it down within three overs.

Ramiz Raja, who recently had a meeting with Babar Azam, disclosed that the captain is disheartened by the team’s failure to qualify for the World Cup semi-finals.

Raja praised Babar for his maturity and poise, underscoring his adeptness in handling criticism. While recognizing the hurdles in Pakistani cricket, Raja advocated for the prudent management of the current player pool, stressing the significance of time and cautioning against abrupt changes.

Though Raja did not unveil the specifics of his private conversation with Babar regarding the captain’s future, he conveyed empathy and called for critics to engage in introspection.

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