Rana Sanaullah recalls events leading to his arrest in a letter


Islamabad: The president of Punjab Pakistan Muslim League N, Rana Sanaullah, while living in a cell which is quite close to the death cell has written a letter which recalled the time when he was arrested.

It is pertinent to note that he was arrested after allegedly possessing narcotics.

He started his letter after writing that “I have been detained in a death cell. None is allowed to meet me except the family members. Other than them, only prison officials can see me. Anyway, this too shall pass.”

He stated that the high authorities could frame you anywhere anytime as they are in power, despite you being the innocent one.

“Being a prime target, efforts are in progress to implicate you. Since nothing has been found where NAB or FIA could proceed against you, they may frame you somewhere on the road.”

He recalled the time when he was going to Lahore from Faisalabad in order to chair a party meeting when he was arrested by the ANF.

“My driver was forced out and an ANF officer sat in his place. Another couple of officials also made their way into the vehicle that was taken to ANF office. My security guards and I were detained there and the next day presented before the court. There I came to know about the allegations of the recovery of heroin from my vehicle.”

“I was neither told about it nor any investigation carried out.”

He went on mentioning that “Had that been the case, either my statement should have been recorded under 164 before the judge or the video should have been played.”

Rules have been made strict against him as they have also removed the regular ANF judge so that he may not favor me.

“District and sessions judge Masood Arshad had been conducting ANF court for the last two years and five months. He still had seven months to complete his three-year tenure. Then on July 12, a letter was written to the Chief Justice of Lahore High Court for his transfer on the grounds that the judge’s neutrality was doubtful. He has been stopped from working lest he may grant me the bail. But he remains defiant despite hardships.”

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