Ranjha Ranjha Kardi ends on a Happy Note

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi ends on a Happy Note


Ranjha Ranjha Kardi has garnered a lot of public love and response. The story that drama serial brought on the surface was not only an emotional one but an entertaining and strong as well. After penned down by Faiza Iftekhar, Kashif Nisar has given this drama serial an extraordinary touch with his directorial skills.

The entire cast of the Drama serial including Imran Ashraf, Iqra Aziz, Asma Abbas, Syed Jibran, Zainab Rehman, Kashif Mehmood, Ammara Butt, and Munazzah Arif, has given their excellent performance to make this drama serial beyond expectations.

They not only delivered words or dialogs, rather their emotions were being seen. The entire cast has set a new example of acting. With such an amazing story, directorial and cast, the drama serial was destined to rock the floor for sure.

So, here are some chunks from the last episode of the drama serial which will definitely let you weep. I mean happy tears.

By the end of the show, after being unveiled in front of Chacha jaan, Sahir was left with no other option than to belittle Noori before her husband and mother in law.

At one moment we thought everything has finished for her as her mother in law doesn’t agree to live with her anymore. However, to the audience’ surprise, Rizwana Chachi came out in her support. She lauded her for saving this house and her daughter’s life from marrying such a mean and cunning man like Sahir.

Days passed rapidly and Bhola was recovering quite speedily. We can witness a better Bhola in him in the last few minutes of the drama serial. Noori was quite happy for his recovery.

However, we haven’t been told about Nusrat Miyan. What has become of him? No one has any idea about him and his family.

As we were already informed about Noori’s pregnancy, so Bhola was ready to welcome his fist baby. However, he feared that his baby may be like him which disturbs him. Noori encouraged him to hold his son as she wished their son to be like Bhola. Just pure, simple and loving.

The way he looks at his baby for the first time was quite heartwarming.

Apart from the entire cast’ perfect acting qualities, the portrayal of Imran Ashraf as Bhola is nonetheless a big deal. It’s not easy to react in the manner which you don’t even belong too. Imran’s acting skills have been appreciated throughout the course of the drama serial. He has not only made a strong fan base in Pakistan but people across the borders were also speaking in favor of his acting skills. He deserves ‘the best actor’ award of the year for sure.

The couple, Bhola and Noori, has won the audience heart after possessing superb on-screen chemistry.

With its perfect storyline and superb directing skills, the drama serial has become never to forget among the audience.


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