Realme introduces the groundbreaking midrange smartphone, the Realme C67, priced at PKR 52,999.

Unveiling the Realme C67, a groundbreaking midrange smartphone priced at an attractive PKR 52,999. In a significant revelation, realm introduces this quality groundbreaker, set to redefine the smartphone landscape with its impressive features.

Revolutionizing Photography: 108MP Ultra Clear Camera

At the heart of the Realme C67 lies its exceptional 108MP Ultra Clear Camera with 3X In-sensor Zoom, distinguishing it within the midrange segment. The 1/1.67” S5KHM6 sensor, featuring 3X In-sensor Zoom, captures brilliance in smartphone photography. Boasting a 1/1.67″ format, 108 MP class stacked imager with 0.64 µm pixel pitch, ISOCELL 2.0 pixels, and Nonacell Bayer RGB color filters, the Samsung S5KHM6 ensures stunning clarity with the 108MP Mode, while the 3X In-sensor Zoom allows for diverse perspectives. Night Mode, EIS Stabilization, and creative filters enhance the overall photography experience.

Elegance in Design: Sunny Oasis Design

The design of the Realme C67 is a visual masterpiece, inspired by the radiant glow of an oasis meeting the sun’s rays with the Sunny Oasis Design. Standing out as the slimmest phone in its segment at 7.59mm, the removal of the screen plastic bracket adds to its appeal. The Mini Capsule 2.0 enhances screen interactivity, offering optimized control over Music, Weather, Events, and more through interactive capsule features.

Performance Powerhouse: Snapdragon 685 6nm Chipset

Driving excellence, the Realme C67 is powered by the formidable Snapdragon 685 6nm chipset, ensuring next-level power, efficiency, and reliability. This chipset facilitates seamless gaming and multitasking, providing users with a smooth and responsive experience. The 6nm advanced process enhances both CPU and GPU performance.

Unparalleled Quality: TUV Rheinland Certification

Highlighting Realme’s commitment to quality, the Realme C67 proudly holds the TUV Rheinland Certification. This certification underscores the smartphone’s unmatched durability and reliability, showcasing Realme’s dedication to meeting the highest quality standards.

In summary, priced at PKR 52,999, the Realme C67 exemplifies Realme’s dedication to delivering smartphones that excel in every aspect. From its exceptional camera and elegant design to unmatched quality, powerful processing, and ample memory, the C67 sets a new standard in midrange excellence.

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