Reema Spoke her Heart

Reema Spoke her Heart about her Journey in the Industry


“Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada,” a platform where you can speak your heart without any qualm. Samina Peerzada who is one of Pakistan’s renowned artists is hosting a lively show where she invites multiple artists to share their feelings and struggles through the film industry. The recent episode of the show has cast Pakistan’s famous Actress Reema Khan. She spoke her heart about her journey into the film industries. She shared about holding family and work simultaneously. She has begun her acting career when she was just 15.
She explained, “I can face reality with a brave face. My entrance in showbiz is purely accidental but I am proud of my career. I had never imagined that I will become so famous at such a young age. A 15 or 16 years old me became famous with a hit like Bulandi.”

She further asserted that “I believe any profession itself isn’t bad, it is our own deeds and actions that build its reputation.”
I totally agree with Reema’s stance. Well, she has given quite a mature statement about professionalism that is very essential to understand.
Recalling the days back in 1988, when the film industry was revolving round Punjabi stars Reema shared her views in these words, “It was a time of rat race where quantity was preferred [over] quality. A heroine’s role was diminished to a prop, with a few songs and scenes. At that time, I did a film titled ‘Ghunda Tax’ which was a super hit. My younger sisters watched that film, they made me realize that it wasn’t the kind of work I should do.”

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