Registration of Dual Sim Phone: Extended Deadline Until September 15


Fourteen days ago, the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) requested all subscribers who have dual SIM cell phones to do the registration process by adding their IMEI numbers prior to August 31.

Now, on Saturday the PTA extended the deadline until September 15.

According to the PTA, some subscribers who have such dual SIM handsets, only registered one IMEI-number.

The majority of users don’t use the 2nd slot and did not register their IMEI number, or forgot to do so. These users must register all IMEI’s

The mobile phone’s IMEI number only identify the specific device, whilst it is not related to the user.

The PTA use the number for identifying valid devices, thus it has the ability to stop stolen phones to access the network within the country.

The PTA cautioned users against legal action in cases where applicants submit incorrect data. All requests will be evaluated.

Devices which already have one registered IMEI number against one SIM, will not experience service disruptions.

To monitor your mobile device’s status, users have to dial the following, according to the PTA:  *#06#, then SMS each of the 15 digit IMEI-numbers to 8484.

Users must have all the IMEI numbers of dual SIM handsets registered under the country’s new indigenous mechanism, known as DIRBS (Device Identifications Registration and Blocking System).

The DIRBS system was developed to counteract smuggling as well as the use of counterfeit mobile devices in the country.

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