Samsung Galaxy Fold Postponed

Release of Samsung Galaxy Fold Postponed


A few weeks back we gave you a detailed report on upcoming foldable phones. The highlight was pretty impressive and eye-catching as two tech giants Samsung and Huawei launched their smartphones and both phones were standing high in case of features and are supposed to deliver their product in the coming future.

Recently Samsung announced that they are delaying the release date of Galaxy Fold. Where all fans and users of Samsung were happy on the launch, are now surprised by this sudden act. A few days back after the launch, a number of phones were shipped to different reviewers to review the phones online. This is the practice normally all tech firms do for multiple reasons. These reviews are mostly kept honest and unbiased to keep the image clear in the mind of the consumers. In the case of Galaxy Fold, most of the reviewers experienced breaking foldable screens and many other quality issues. As far as these reviews got viral, people started questioning the durability of the upcoming product.

Keeping in view the durability and other issues, Samsung postponed the date of launch of Galaxy Fold. The launch event was originally supposed to happen in Hong Kong and Shanghai on April 23 and 24. They also mentioned that the reason behind the screen break is the top and bottom exposed sides of the screen.

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