‘Repetitions do not make the truth of a lie’: DG ISPR claimed


Rawalpindi: While responding to India’s repeated claim of downing Pakistan’s F-16 aircraft, Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (DG-ISPR) Maj. Gen Asif Ghafoor has stated on his twitter handle that “repetitions don’t make the truth of a lie,” adding that India is yet to provide any concrete evidence regarding the said issue.

DG ISPR has asked India not to ignore Pakistan’s silence over damages to them in February 27 battle. Pakistan wants peace. He further reiterated the truth that PAF shot down two Indian aircraft and their wreckage on earth was also seen by all and that’s what you called shot down. India is unable to prove.

Rejecting India’s claim of shooting down Pakistan’s F-16 fighter jet, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) DG responded to IAF authorities by saying, “Repetitions don’t make the truth of a lie.”

Spokesperson of Pakistan armed forces late on Monday tweeted: “Despite claiming possession of evidence on shooting F16, IAF still short of presenting it. Don’t overlook Pakistan’s silence for not drum beating losses on the Indian side. Fact is that PAF shot down two IAF jets, the wreckage is seen on the ground by all.”

Contradicting India’s claim, two senior US defense officials with direct knowledge of the situation have told the Foreign Policy magazine that American personnel recently counted Pakistan’s F-16s and found none of the planes missing. It was reported on Thursday. Hence, the US also debunked India’s claim of shooting down Pakistan’s F-16 fighter jet on February 27.
It is pertinent to not that it was Pakistan who had shot 2 MiG-21 Indian aircrafts in the aerial skirmish.

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