Cancer and Sugary Drinks

Research Finds a Viable Relation Between Cancer and Sugary Drinks


LONDON – According to researchers, people who consume plenty of sugary drinks, may be at a higher risk to develop cancer. However, the evidence could not prove a direct causal connection.

The results of a comprehensive French study, suggested that limiting the consumption of drinks containing sugar, may assist to lower the total of cancer cases within a population.

However, during the last couple of decades, the intake of sugary drinks had increased worldwide, which is associated with obesity, another factor which raises a cancer risk.

World Health Organization’s Recommendations:

According to the recommendations of The World Health Organization, people should restrict their daily sugar consumption. Taking their full energy intake into account, it should be lower than 10%.

They also suggested a reduction to less than 5% or approximately 25 grams on a daily basis, which would be even healthier.

Why not Tax On Sugar?

A lot of countries which include Belgium, Britain, Hungary Mexico and France, have already imposed or are considering imposing taxes on sugar. It is their goal to improve the general health of their populations.

This study, published within the BMJ British medical-journal, analyzed the data of 101,257 French adults, of which 79% were women and 21% men after assessing their consumption of sugary drinks.

The participants in this study were followed for an optimum of 9 years, during the period between 2009 & 2018, to make an assessment of their risk to develop all kinds of cancer.

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Some of the participants was assessed for certain specific kinds of cancer, which include colon, prostate and breast cancer.

The scientists also adapted for various conflicting cancer risk factors, which include sex, age, family history, educational level, physical activity levels and smoking.

The results revealed that a daily increase of 100ml in the intake of sugary- drinks was associated to a 18% increased risk to develop overall cancer, whilst the increased risk to develop breast cancer was 22%.

The persons who intake juice drinks or sweet drinks:

When the participants were divided into two groups, one group who consumed fruit juices, and the other group, who consumed alternative sweet drinks, both these groups were linked to having a greater risk to develop overall cancer.

For colorectal & prostate cancer, the researchers found no link. However, according to the researchers, this might be due to the fact that the amount of cases regarding these cancers, was limited in the people who participated in the study.

Professionals who were not directly engaged in the study, stated that the study was well-conducted and resilient. However, they noted that the study’s results could not determine cause and effect.

Amelia Lake, a professional within public health nutrition, associated with Britain’s Teesside University, said that the study did not offer a conclusive causative answer regarding sugar & cancer.

However, she stated, it contributes to the overview about how important the present drive is, when it comes to reducing your sugar intake.

Conclusion of Research:

Ms. Lake concluded that the message derived from the entirety of evidence regarding the consumption of excess sugar as well as the various health effects is quite clear and it is highly important to reduce the intake of sugar in the diet.

Research Finds a Viable Relation Between Cancer and Sugary Drinks
Article Name
Research Finds a Viable Relation Between Cancer and Sugary Drinks
Research Finds a Viable Relation Between Cancer and Sugary Drinks
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