Restaurant Manager Shot in Karachi

The Restaurant Manager is being Shot in Karachi


Karachi’s ‘Hot’n’Spicy’ restaurant has become a bloody place after two brothers have attacked the manager over indulging in a scuffle. The manager is brutally stabbed by the two brothers and they shoot him in the face. He is taken to the hospital and fighting for his life. The police have arrested both of them and fire a case against them. The names of the suspects are Mir Mustafa Rashid and his brother Athar Rashdi.

The inquiries revealed that the scuffle started over misbehaving with an employee in the restaurant and it ended up shooting the manager. ASI Rizwan Qureshi has reported that “The suspects and their friends came to the restaurant, where they scuffled with the waiters. Following the scuffle, the owner, manager and others also joined them and kicked them out of the restaurant.”

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Another side of the story

Another rumor goes that there were actually four men. Two of them have run away while two have been caught by the police and these are two brothers. The whole incident has made the public enrages and they are sympathizing with the victim, demanding justice for the manager. While we cannot overlook the other side of the coin. The family of the suspects is appealing for justice too stating that the entire fault lies in the misbehavior of the waiters and other staff members. They were rude to the suspects and ask them to leave the restaurant as there is no food for them. On refusing, the waiters star quarrelling with them. Under the going on scuffle, the owner of the restaurant himself has killed one of his employees blaming the two brothers later on.
However, we are yet wondering which party is speaking the truth and who the culprit is. Apparently, the two brothers seem to be guilty and people are asking for justice for the family of the victim.

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