Retired Life at Its Best at Cape Coral in Florida

Retired Life at Its Best at Cape Coral in Florida


Check out a popular place in Florida if you want to enjoy the life in true sense. Especially in the winter months, Cape Coral in Florida is a popular destination for German tourists. The mild temperatures make the stay a special experience.

The town itself is so central that many attractions can be reached from here very quickly. Pine Island, Captiva, and Sanibel Island are offshore islands that can be reached in just a few minutes.

Edison and Fort Winter Estates

A real highlight is the Edison and Fort Winter Estates, it can be reached after a journey time of only 15 minutes. It is a museum with a botanical garden. Here you can visit the lab where Henry Ford tried out new experiments for the car industry.

Fort Myers Beach

If you love the sea, you must definitely plan a trip to Fort Myers Beach. This probably most famous beach in Florida stretches over many kilometers of fine white sand.

In the evening one can get a special look when countless shops provide a very special illumination with their lighting. Of course, it should not be missed, some memories of this trip, keep the memory awake for a long time.

The Shell Factory and Nature Park is also a delightful destination 15 miles away. Here is the world’s largest collection of exotic shells.

Indeed, Cape Coral, a destination with style

The central location allows visitors to reach the sights within minutes, but Cape Coral also has plenty to see. The marinas and the pier are good for a visit every day.

Whether the fishermen take the fresh catch in front of everyone’s eyes, weddings in a stylish atmosphere, or whether one of the most beautiful places for sunsets is sought, Cape Coral is worth a visit for everyone.

This is also known to especially couples in love, who like to come to this place to experience the pure romance. Old aged people also love to stay here after the retirement. It has a very peaceful lifestyle for people of all ages.

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