Rizwan Burger

Rizwan Burger


Have you ever witness the delicious taste of the Rizwan’s most appetizing meals? If not then you must give a try to any of their specialties. Whether you are ordering a burger, a shawarma, sandwich or pizza, you’ll not end up disappointing. The tasty Chinese cuisines are also available at affordable prices and a wide area for sitting would surely appease you and force you to come again and again to this spot. It is mainly located at the Main Market, Main Bazaar Canal Park, Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan.

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Rizwan Burger

Here I am mentioning to you the ‘Rizwan Burger.’ Saying ‘no’ to their burger is surely going to be the most regrettable moments of your life. Their Burger is being made with the best quality of the food items. The most hygienic and enjoyable. The spick and span staff with offering the best quality food to you will entice you at the most highest levels. Not only the taste but the service also makes you spell bound.

When I first visited Rizwan, I have been told by a friend and I did not believe it. But soon all my doubts vanished away as I saw and taste their delicious burger. I have lost into another world. The flavors, the masala, the crisp, everything was so damn delicious that I didn’t even ask my friend to have some of my burger.

I suggest you to visit at least once this khana spot and you’ll definitely returned happy and amazing.

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