Role of Media in Society

Role of Media in Society


Media has played an important as well as a huge Role of Media in Society. Media has always been controlling people. In the modern era, media has become a crucial part of society. An average man in Pakistan is spending more than 4 hours a day seeking information through media sources.

This article will explore the role of media in our society. However, without starting the role of media, let’s first discover the purpose of media.

Purpose of Media

Media sources are designed to convey information, current affairs, gossips, fashion-related news, and the invention of the latest technologies to the masses. It also provides information regarding the historical events of the country. Almost all media sources claim to provide the right information and serve equality.

Media is a change of

  • Information
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Advancement
  • Correlation of Parts in the Society

Influence / Role of Media in the Modern Society 

  • Our modern society is influenced by media sources in so many ways.
  • Media keeps people updated after providing information regarding each aspect of life
  • Media forms opinions of the major personalities and common man as well
  • Media passes judgment regarding many societal or national issues happening in the country

Control of media in the society

In the modern era, media has influenced people so badly that it can change their minds and perspectives as well. it is no less than a drug for many people.

Fake news scandals through media sources

The internet and media world is full of rumors, scams, and fake news, and many people believe in them without consulting the authentic sources. These fake news scandals and rumors leave a negative impact on society.

Media in our hands

In today’s world, media is considered the strongest weapon in the world. Media can turn an innocent into the guilty one in no has the power to control the minds of the people and impose upon them its decisions and thoughts. It is entirely upon us that what we want. Whether we want these entities to control our minds or not.

Media is a Mirror of the society

There is no wonder why media is considered as the mirror of society. It reflects what’s happening in society. However, when there are many positive effects of media, there are negative as well. it is very time-consuming and our young generation spoils its time while sitting idle on social media sources.

Types of Media Networks

  • Print Media
  • Television Media
  • Cell Phones

Print Media

Print Media is one of the very important types of media networks. As the name suggested, print Media consists of Newspapers, Books, and magazines. People can get useful pieces of information as well as exciting stories and entertainment from these sources.

Television Media

Almost every one of us knows what television media conveys to society. There are multiple news channels that are providing national and international information 24/7 to the masses. Television Media is a huge source of entertainment, music, movies, and gossips for many people.

Cell phones

The trend of using a smartphone is very common in our modern society. These days, you will rarely get a chance to see someone not using any smartphone. People become so addicted to using smartphones that they do not realize they are wasting their precious time that can be utilized in productive means.

Within a single click, you come across all types of information you want to get by using a smartphone. You can watch your favorite TV shows on mobile at any time without any disruption. With a smartphone having an internet connection, you don’t need to rely upon any other media source to get information.

Role of Media in Society
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Role of Media in Society
Media has played an important as well as a huge Role of Media in Society. Media has always been controlling people.
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